My Life's Soundtrack

When I was in college, for a class we were asked to list twelve songs that we would consider to be our life's soundtrack. Much like Matthew Paul Turner's college incident with his ignorance of Bob Dylan as chronicled in Hear No Evil, I too was completely useless for the project. After the class, I meekly went up to the professor and told him I grew up in a home that wasn't just strict, but also wasn't one where music was enjoyed at all. The professor looked as though I was from Mars, and let me list twelve books instead.

Even now, a decade later, my musical tastes are out of kilter with most people. I sit pretty much within the realm of British Post-Punk, and don't really dare to move out of there, except for rare raids into Geek Rock, Electronica, and Christian Rock. I know you're sitting there surprised, but don't be; it's me we're talking about, after all. With that said, I think I've finally been able to construct a soundtrack for my life that makes sense, and actually consists of good music. As of now, I think I have it in chronological order too. Here you go!

(1) Good Days, Bad Days-- Kaiser Chiefs (Off With Their Heads)
(2) Mighty to Save-- Hillsong Church (Mighty to Save)
(3) Secret Crowds-- Angels and Airwaves (I-Empire)
(4) You Could Have it so Much Better-- Franz Ferdinand (You Could Have it so Much Better [With Franz Ferdinand])
(5) Death of Me-- Red (Innocence and Instinct)
(6) Never Let Go-- The David Crowder Band (Remedy)
(7) Show Me What I'm Looking For-- Carolina Liar (Coming to Terms)
(8) Surrender Saved My Life-- This Beautiful Republic (Perceptions)
(9) Never Going Back to OK-- The Afters (Never Going Back to OK)
(10) Who I am Hates Who I've Been-- Relient K (MMHMM)
(11) Knights of Cydonia-- Muse (Black Holes and Revelations)
(12) Glorious Day-- Weezer (Weezer [The Green Album])