What's This Blog About?

Lots (Read: A handful) of people have asked me what this blog is exactly about. I freely admit that it's has a bit of an identity crisis at times. In short, you could say that it's a blog about my life in general, but here's a handy guide to the main threads that the posts run through:
  • Teaching at my School-- Being a geeky white guy teaching at a rural minority-majority school where the kids act they grew up on meaner streets than they actually do (Even though their lives can be tragic at times). There's material to talk about, but sometimes it gets repetitive.
  • Education in General-- Being a teacher means I'm exposed to the world of educational theory. I chime in on occasion with my opinion on the high-minded things I hear.
  • Technology and Education-- I'm very technically adept, and I want to make my class as technically engaging as I can. I talk about how I plan on going about doing it.
  • Me vs. The World Around Me-- I'm usually perpendicular to most people's opinions on just about everything, mainly because I have a very unique outlook on life. I toss those observations out there and see what people say... and duck from the return fire.
  • Being a Christian-- I'm not too open about my faith in person, but I am a bit more open to talking about it Online. I try not to be preachy, rather just dropping in what I believe here and there.
  • My Personal Life-- As successful as I am professionally, my personal life is equally miserable. I decided to start talking about it as some sort of therapy as well as letting people out there who might be in the same straits as I'm in know that they're not alone. Well, that and everyone loves looking at car wrecks, so watching someone's life fall to pieces should be mesmerizing entertainment, right?
That isn't meant to be comprehensive, but that's a good starting point to understanding what this blog's about. Do read and respond if you feel like it. That way I can finally know that when I talk about how small my blog's readership is, I'm just joking and not being literal. ;^)