Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grand Theft Whiteboard

OK, it's safe to come out now. An education-related post!

So I walked into class on Monday morning intending to have the usual lesson where I use my whiteboard like any other teacher. First period went fine, and at the end of the class three gentlemen from Maintenance came to me. We had met on Friday about rearranging my classroom in preparation for my Promethean board, and I told them to drop by on Monday so we could finalize what went where. I told them what I wanted and they said that they would take care of it. I then went to teaming. The result?

What's missing in this picture?

Yes, they removed my whiteboard. And that was it. The classroom was a disaster area when I came back to boot. Being one that relies on my classroom having everything in its normal position in order to function normally, this threw me into a tailspin. I only had a small whiteboard on another wall, but it was full of information that I already use every day. Since our team meeting ended late, I walked in just before the bell, and I was frantically trying to figure out a contingency no teacher ever thinks about, never mind deliberately plan for. As I was thinking up a Plan B, our wonderful consultant walks in. I almost plead with him to come and see me until after I have things settled down. His response? Just teach like I have normally planned.

I tried my best, but it was pretty rough because I almost began writing on the wall, which got everyone laughing. My class that hour was my honors class, so it went as well as it could. The next period was my worst class, which went very roughly for all concerned. During my planning period I received my observation report, which amusingly stated "Mr. Klein had a small matter of a whiteboard removed from his wall right before this class. Amazingly enough he coped well and best of all, managed to not write on the wall." I had my quick discussion with the consultant as I was rearranging the classroom in time for my afternoon classes. Going from a 16-foot whiteboard to a 6-foot whiteboard, even in a temporary circumstance (I guess I'm getting my Promethean board installed within the next three weeks), is a bit... awkward. When the projector is running, the entire white space is covered by the screen. Fun.

Downsizing, if you will

And in case you're wondering about the road sign, on a road trip a couple of weekends ago, I found a street that had the same name as our school. I looked around to see that the sign was actually pointing to no road at all. I touched it and it fell off the post. Sad that a poor forlorn sign was receiving no love, I gave it a new home.

 You are Here. Literally.

Yes, there are five bullet holes in the sign. The best part? On the opposite side the sign reads "B. E. BOUDRAEX LN" Yes, the St. Mary Parish Police Jury can't even spell the name correctly on both sides of the sign. Rather fitting I must say.

Until next time.


Anita said...

Personally, I think you should display the other side of the stolen road sign. And, of course, I'm still shocked and appalled that you stole it.

malmal0505 said...

You thief you...well, let's see...you stole a road sign and the school handyman stole your whiteboard...fair? (JK) Nah, the new and much better board will definitely be worth the wait! They're that awesome! (Of course one of my teachers-her board is taken a break right now until the computer issues are fixed...lovely). Hope you have a great time. Oh, and if you do write on the wall just tell them that you're going for a new hip graffity-type look in your room.